Goodnight’s all natural country ham starts with pigs that are raised on family farms where they are free roaming, grown in small numbers and never administered antibiotics. These farms meet all the criteria necessary to be approved by the Animal Welfare Associating (AWA) as well as the Global Animal Partnership (GAP). Once the fresh hams arrive at our facility a specially formulated cure mix is applied by hand. No nitrates or nitrites are used except for those naturally occurring in sea salt and celery powder. The curing and aging process duplicates the natural seasons of winter, spring, summer and fall and takes approximately one year to complete.

All Natural Ham 2

“All-natural” is not simply a buzzword to us.

It’s more than a selling point on a package label, and it’s more than a cultural movement back toward clean, simple foods. It’s a philosophy we’ve firmly held onto since our inception more than 70 years ago.

Our slow-cured ham comes from pigs that enjoy hormone- and antibiotic-free vegetarian diets, as well as the freedom to roam outdoors as nature intended. Our farmland and livestock are audited by the Animal Welfare Approved program and Global Animal Partnership (GAP), because we believe treating animals humanely is the only way to do business.

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Available at Whole Foods and Earth Fare, as well as other retailers and most food service distributors throughout the South East.

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